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In business, there is nothing more important than winning. With every product–no matter if it is a movie, a dog biscuit, a toothbrush, or a toy–the project needs the same careful strategy put into place to assure your stakeholders that the outcome will be its most optimal. There are a number of areas that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on the project. Being an experienced firm that handles these things, we don’t treat product development much differently than the government treats their covert operations. Here are a few areas of focus:

  • Naming: Begin with a code name that will stick with the project until the reveal. Then have your creative team come up with their wish list of possible names. Before the legal clearance process, you must have an experienced investigative team to determine feasibility of each. This will provide a solid foundation for your attorneys and save a lot of time, money and disappointment.
  • Leaks: Develop a protocol and a deliberate chain of communication. The more transparent the chain is the easier it will be to trace and identify leaks. Once data is flowing, there needs to be a monitoring system in place. Leaks sometimes come from in-house but that they can also come from trade shows, market research, vendors and the like. These leaks need to be identified and dealt with in an effective way. Did you know that sending a cease and desist letter confirms the leak? Bad move. ID them and deal with it behind the scenes.
  • Post-Launch: After launch, you will be bombarded by a number of issues including negative reviews, bad publicity, stalkers, threats, and, most inevitably, counterfeit and pirated versions of your product. This phase requires a multi-pronged approach that can work seamlessly with your security, legal and marketing departments.
    Of course, since I’m sending this email to you, I believe that IPCybercrime is the company that can do it best. Since the mid-90s we have been assisting major corporations with all of the above. No matter the industry or product type, in our more than twenty years, we’ve been on the forefront.

We want to be your first call. If you’re mid-project… it’s still not too late. We want to be a part of your team.

Cyber Criminals, more often than not, use tried and true online marketing techniques to reach their customers.

  • Using Marketing Techniques to Catch Cyber Criminals - IPCybercrimeDid you know that scammers create attractive websites just to add suckers to their mailing lists?
  • Have you thought of the fact that pirates use malicious software ware to make money off of viewers?
  • What about the fact that, no matter how Google enforces, black hat marketers will find their way around the rules?

These are the same techniques that legitimate marketers use to reach you.  Sometimes they sell you a pack of gum, sun tan lotion or the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie.  IPCybercrime’s investigators are experts in online marketing.  We have also been involved in some of the first and most important landmark cases involving the reverse engineering of the marketing techniques of cyber criminals.  Back before online marketing was a profession, IPCybercrime has been keeping tabs on the web development community and how they reach out to their customers, whether black hat white hat, or grey.  Many of those marketing techniques have evolved into what we now know as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate networks, Sleeper Sites, Ad networks, Javascript injections, hacking, iFrame Cloaking, Malware and other Shenanigans.

The first-ever case to use covert online marketing techniques to win a federal case was Chanel v. Krispin (SDFL 2008).  In this particular case, investigators at IPCybercrime logged and analyzed the source code of thousands of websites, while linking and grouping many offenders based on specific java script code inserted into subject websites.  As a result, more often than not, we have been able to footprint the entire operation and bring the case to a successful outcome.

How We Can Help You

I can bet you that a major part of your casework now is based on offenders selling something online that is infringing on your rights or client’s rights.  What IPCybercrime offers is a 20/20 view of the universe that encapsulates the online fraud world.  We know everyone has their favorite investigator for particular projects.  IPCybercrime does not want to interfere with that relationship.  In fact, we work with those teams on many of our case and already have a great one-two-punch style relationship. What we want is to be a part of the team that helps you and your other team members get from A to Z successfully.

Drop us a line.  You’ll be happy you did.  No hard sell.  No bullshit. Just answers.