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Knockoff Report™ #614

Knockoff Report™ #614 - Innovation of the Week A Knockoff Lego ISIS Set

Top News

Innovation of the Week: A Knockoff Lego ISIS Set

White House Cyber Chief Rob Joyce Raises Concerns on US Intellectual Property Theft

WWD Law Review: Stripes, Stripes and More Stripes, Plus the Counterfeit Battle

Scottish Distillery Uses Blockchain Technology to Fight Counterfeit Whisky

These Fake Balenciaga Sneakers Cost More Than Common Projects

How Blockchain Can Stamp Out China’s Fake Diplomas

Levi’s Takes More Action to Combat ‘Significant Counterfeiting’

Brand Owners Raise Maritime Transport of Counterfeit Goods at Major Industry Gathering

US News

Man Admits Trafficking $2.5M in Counterfeit Boots Through NJ Port

Counterfeit Barbies Seized at US-Canada Border in Minnesota

Titans Fans Warned to Look Out for Counterfeit Tickets

Sheriff’s Dept. Investigating Counterfeit Fright Night Tickets (NY)

Salem-Area Woman Gets Prison for Selling Counterfeit Drugs (OH)

Mansfield Man Gets Year Prison Sentence for Selling Counterfeit Computer Parts (PA)

Nearly $400,000 in Counterfeit CD Players Seized (MN)

Jail for Man Who Ran Big Counterfeit Cigarette Racket in County Durham

Burlington County Man Who Sold Counterfeit Computer Parts Sentenced (OH)

Cubs Say Auctioned World Series Ring Could Be Counterfeit


Police Shut 28,000 Websites Selling Counterfeits (UK)

Man Arrested for Importation of Counterfeit Bags Worth More Than S$11,000 for Trade (Singapore)

Fake Shoes! Cops Seize R5m Truckload of Counterfeit Takkies (South Africa)

Police Seize Counterfeit Brand-Name Products in Central Taiwan

Counterfeit Cigarettes and Tobacco Found in Shops in Sheffield (UK)

Video of the Week

Denver Store Accused Of Selling Counterfeit Goods With High End Labels

Knockoff Report™ #593: Olympics, Weddings and the DOD

Knockoff Report™ #593 - Brazilian Police Battle Olympic Counterfeit GoodsBrazilian Police Battle Olympic Counterfeit Goods

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

4 Men Face Racketeering Charges for Selling Counterfeit Denver Broncos Merchandise

Police Look Into Safety of Knock-offs After Counterfeit Merchandise Bust

How Do Indie Designer Deal With Knockoffs?

U.S. Judge Dismisses Part of Alibaba Counterfeit Goods Lawsuit

How £200,000 of Denbighshire Counterfeit Goods Will Help Charity

Can Big Data Solve the Counterfeiting Problem?

Knockoff Report™ #593 - DOD Issues Final Rule to Avoid Counterfeit ElectronicsDOD Issues Final Rule to Avoid Counterfeit Electronics

Appeal Denied, Borgata Prevails in Counterfeit Chip Class Action Lawsuit

Why Brides Should Never Buy a Knockoff Wedding Dress

Derby Counterfeit Tobacco Conman Zhiling Huang Faces Jail Term

North Alabama Law Enforcement Warning Residents of Counterfeit Gold, Silver Being Sold

Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah Refutes ISIS Fatwa to Counterfeit Brands

Counterfeit Wines And Spirits Cost EU Businesses €1.3 Billion A Year

Rockland County Sheriff Announces County Wide Sweep for Counterfeit Merchandise

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