Knockoff Report™ #626: Feyoncé, Canada, and Africa Enforcement

Knockoff Report™ #626: Feyoncé, Canada, and Africa Enforcement

No Injunction for Beyoncé over ‘Feyoncé’ Knockoffs

How Counterfeit Goods Affect the Trade War With China

A ‘Weak Link’ No More? New Trade Deal Prods Canada to Stop Chinese Counterfeits Headed for U.S.

Anti-Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics Market Analysis by Key Players 2018-2025: Honeywell, Sicpa, Authentix, Avery Dennison, Tongli, Inksure

Anti-Counterfeiting Group Flags 2 Millionth Fake Golf Product

Gucci Wary of Chinese Ecommerce Tie-up Because of Fakes

US News

Police Seize More Than 200 Counterfeit Apple Products, $72,600 From New York Man’s Van

Pittsburgh Customs Agents Seize Counterfeit DVD’s

More than 300 Fans Found with Counterfeit Tickets at Penn State-Ohio State Game

International News

Counterfeit Intel CPU i7-8700 Spotted In Hong Kong

Counterfeit Merchandise Seized During Police Raid in Chelsea

More Than 4,800 Pieces of Counterfeit Goods Worth Over $520,000 Seized in Singapore

Irish Whiskey Industry Triples-Down on Global Fight Against Counterfeit Bottles

Barking Shopkeepers Fined More Than £4,500 for Counterfeit Cigarettes

Businesses Recognised for Tackling Counterfeit Goods in Scotland

Uganda Banks Urged to Blacklist Counterfeit Manufacturers

Mukula Calls for Quick Solution Against Counterfeit Products in Africa

Manchester City Council Seize Fake Handbags & Claw Hammer in Strangeways Counterfeit Goods Raid

Counterfeits Valued at Sh7.5 Billion Nabbed in Kenya Since May

Jail Waiting for Counterfeit FAZ Product Dealers, Kashala Warns

Tourist Visits a Counterfeit Motorcycle Market in India

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