Knockoff Report™ #625

Knockoff Report™ #625

Hey all, it’s been a few weeks since the last Knockoff Report™. Now that the Fall has arrived our schedule is back in swing. So you can expect News and Views back on schedule, as you have for the last ten years. Here goes, baby!

Counterfeit Bike Helmets: Cheap But Dangerous

An Expert on Counterfeit HandBags Reveals How You Can Always Spot the Fakes

Five Lessons From The Toy Wars: How Intellectual Property Laws Can Restrict Your Career Mobility

Study: Shopping Habits Can Lead Consumers to Buy Counterfeit Shoes

Trump Tariffs Are Good News for China’s Sellers of Knockoff Designer Bags

China is Stealing American Intellectual Property. Trump’s Tariffs Are a Chance to Stop It

Trade War: Why US and China Remain So Far Apart on Intellectual Property Rights

Prince’s Half-Sister Opens Up on His Overdose, Counterfeit Pills

Half of Counterfeit Footwear Purchases are Made by Mistake, Says Red Points

Penn State Warns Fans About Counterfeit Tickets for Ohio State Game

Blockchain to Solve Counterfeiting: Fake Crabs Identified by Baidu’s Blockchain

How Criminals Are Able to Make Deadly Counterfeit Pills

Anti Counterfeit Packaging Market is Anticipated to Grow US$ 206.57 Billion By 2022

Fake Apple Products: Here’s How to Avoid Being Fooled – and Endangered – by Counterfeits

Could the NBA Force J.R. Smith to Cover Up His Supreme Tattoo?

Police Swoop on Counterfeit Goods in South and West Belfast

Man Arrested in Singapore over Counterfeit Luxury Watches

Methanol Poisoning: Customs Dept, Cops Intensify Raids in Klang Valley for Counterfeit Liquor

Bordeaux Scores Victories in Battle Against Counterfeit Wines in China

31m Fake Goods Seized at EU Borders in 2017

KL Counterfeit Shopping — Gucci Bag, LBJ Jersey $10! Bangladeshi VS American Who Wins?

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