From Cradle To Blockbuster And Beyond

February 9, 2017

In business, there is nothing more important than winning. With every product–no matter if it is a movie, a dog biscuit, a toothbrush, or a toy–the project needs the same careful strategy put into place to assure your stakeholders that the outcome will be its most optimal. There are a number of areas that need to be taken into consideration before embarking on the project. Being an experienced firm that handles these things, we don’t treat product development much differently than the government treats their covert operations. Here are a few areas of focus:

  • Naming: Begin with a code name that will stick with the project until the reveal. Then have your creative team come up with their wish list of possible names. Before the legal clearance process, you must have an experienced investigative team to determine feasibility of each. This will provide a solid foundation for your attorneys and save a lot of time, money and disappointment.
  • Leaks: Develop a protocol and a deliberate chain of communication. The more transparent the chain is the easier it will be to trace and identify leaks. Once data is flowing, there needs to be a monitoring system in place. Leaks sometimes come from in-house but that they can also come from trade shows, market research, vendors and the like. These leaks need to be identified and dealt with in an effective way. Did you know that sending a cease and desist letter confirms the leak? Bad move. ID them and deal with it behind the scenes.
  • Post-Launch: After launch, you will be bombarded by a number of issues including negative reviews, bad publicity, stalkers, threats, and, most inevitably, counterfeit and pirated versions of your product. This phase requires a multi-pronged approach that can work seamlessly with your security, legal and marketing departments.
    Of course, since I’m sending this email to you, I believe that IPCybercrime is the company that can do it best. Since the mid-90s we have been assisting major corporations with all of the above. No matter the industry or product type, in our more than twenty years, we’ve been on the forefront.

We want to be your first call. If you’re mid-project… it’s still not too late. We want to be a part of your team.