Knockoff Report™ #596: Diamonds, Sex Toys and Cartoons

October 3, 2016

Jewelry box with the bows on isolated white backgroundCostco Ordered to Pay $5.5M For Selling Counterfeit Tiffany Rings

500,000 Counterfeit Products Sold to eBay Consumers

How British Tourists Buying Counterfeit Handbags in Dubai are Funding Kim Jong-un’s Nuclear Missile program

Counterfeit e-Commerce: The Dark Side of WhatsApp

Are Counterfeit Sex Toys a Danger to Your Health?

What Does Fake Viagra Do To The Body?

Coach Abandons Tmall as Alibaba Continues Battling Counterfeit

New York Man Convicted in Counterfeit Gift Card Shopping Spree

Man Convicted of Selling Counterfeit Ugg, Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Nike Goods on Facebook

Two Alcorn County Men Charged With Selling Counterfeit Goods

counterfeit cat

‘Counterfeit Cat’ Show Goes Global on Disney Channel

Local Trader Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Goods Following Recent Investigation

3 Big Issues That China Faces in Counterfeiting Battle

We Asked an Expert How to Spot the Most Popular Counterfeit Items in the UK

Cubs, MLB Seek ex Parte Seizure of Counterfeit Merchandise Sold Outside Wrigley Field

Christie Orders Tight Control of Knockoff Prescription Drugs

Bottles Seized in Lar Corbett’s Pub Contained Counterfeit Vodka

Caught! Hong Kong Fair Exhibitor Arrested as She Sold Counterfeit Jewellery to Undercover Official

Champagne Bar Procesuted for Counterfeit Vodka

Salford Firm Fined £18k as 3,700 Unsafe Counterfeit Disney and Marvel Toys Seized

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts vs Counterfeit Parts