Jason Holmes Receives Award for a Decade of Leadership at IPCybercrime

July 2, 2016

jason_holmes_award_1Ten years ago I asked Jason Holmes, my younger brother, to leave the US Navy to work with me. He had already served his four years in the 1990s and contributed a lot to our father’s investigative firm doing much of the same work. A natural-born private investigator and heir-apparent to the family business, Jason re-enlisted after 9/11. By 2006, I had things moving and business was where we wanted things to be. At this time, I needed to meet the clients’ growing demands by multiplying myself. How do I do that? You’re guessing correct. I needed to add my brother Jason to the mix. In 2006, Jason Michael Holmes became the Chief Operations Officer (COO) of our company and none of us have looked back. Since then, IPCybercrime has conducted more than ten thousand cases, protected billions of dollars’ worth of corporate assets and still kept things at a very human level for our clients.


jason_holmes_award_2As Founder and CEO of this company, it brings me to the most sentimental place to suggest that my brother, who worked cases since he was a pre-teen, has succeeded not only me, but our father before us, as the greatest detective of our time. Jason Holmes, in fact, is that person. To give you a brief history, I started this company in 2001 after working for another firm. Jason worked for our father in NYC during his teens and also between his Mediterranean tours commissioned on the USS WASP which was docked in Virginia Beach. After his first stint, Jason worked with the old man to develop some of the world’s first Internet-related enforcement programs. After 9/11 happened, he reenlisted and headed out to the West Coast for his next adventure. While there, we worked together and also grew closer due to my proximity in Southern California. Business demands were growing and, naturally, I called upon Jason to run Operations. Here we are, ten years later and IPCybercrime has grown to be the most renowned of its kind. This is of many thanks to Jason.

Here’s to you, Brother!