SPOTLIGHT: Daniel Christensen, Director of Online Brand Protection

March 11, 2016

Dan_ChristensenIPCybercrime has, for many years, been involved with online brand protection. But now that Daniel Christensen has come on board, we have been full-force. We are proud to announce the addition of Mr. Christensen as our Director of Online Brand Protection. From a global perspective, the niche industry area of online brand protection is very poorly represented. We here at IPCybercrime have the solution. Not only has our firm been involved with this industry since its inception, but we also have one of its all-time greatest performers running the department.

About Daniel Christensen

Dan began as a web developer back in the 1990s, then started working for NBC Universal when their company was void of in-house management of online brand protection. It was here where Dan mastered his chops in this arena. Piracy and counterfeiting were at their peak when he was hunting them down one by one for one of the largest media companies in the world and helping mold their program for future generations. Years after, he joined True Religion Brand Jeans as their manager of online brand protection. Here, he managed all aspects of the Brand Protection Department. He worked with in-house counsel, outside counsel, law enforcement, investigators, Customs, and loss prevention on counterfeit, diverted, and stolen product and criminal and civil actions against infringers. Effectively managed domain portfolio; defensive and strategic domain registrations, renewals, transfers and trademark Clearinghouse and Donuts DPML. Maintained brand protection email account for leads regarding counterfeit and gray market goods. Takedowns of infringing listings on foreign and domestic online C2C, B2C, and B2B marketplaces. Proactively recognized wholesalers and bulk sellers of genuine product for Gray Market investigations. Drove with and evaluated complimenting products and programs from outside vendors for brand protection and enforcements.

About Online Brand Protection

Online brand protection is a crowded field but a very necessary part of maintaining your brand’s value and reputation. delivers an impressive level of protection, utilizing a number of patented technologies, by gathering and analyzing data, taking down infringements, and banning sellers of such goods on top trading sites including eBay®, iOffer®, Craigslist®, Alibaba®, YouTube® and many others. locates and facilitates the removal of unauthorized items including: Counterfeit goods, Copyrighted images, video, text & trademarks and keyword spam.