SPOTLIGHT: Phil Johnson, Director of European Investigations

February 29, 2016

This article is a part of a series of articles that we have created so that you can better get know members of our team.

EU European Union flagWhile the majority of our cases begin on the Web, we often don’t initially know where the suspect will be or where the ultimate case action will end up.  Approximately ten years ago, IPCybercrime’s cases which required European investigations began increasing.  It was then we sought out an individual in Europe with a skill set that mirrored ours here in North America.  It was this demand that led us to a relationship with Phil Johnson that was so successful it eventually grew into an official partnership.  Since this partnership began, we have concluded more than one hundred successful cases with positive results.  Currently, Johnson manages our cases that reside ‘across the pond’.

Phil Johnson – Bio

phil_johnsonPhil Johnson began investigating white collar cases in 1967 at one of the most innovative agencies of its time, under owner Ronald Tyas. It was here Johnson was on the forefront of creating credit history reports and vetting subjects. Here he oversaw over three million records and also honed his skills as a field investigator while building his investigative network all over Europe. In the 1970s and 1980s Phil worked for the West Yorkshire Police where his experience included everything from patrol to major murder cases including the Yorkshire Ripper. He has maintained his relationships with his contemporaries as they raised in rank. Mr. Johnson is regularly called upon by his law enforcement counterparts beside whom he once worked. Phil’s contacts in law enforcement and the private sector are unparalleled in all of Europe.

In 1987 Phil Johnson and his wife/business partner Yin Johnson founded the detective firm J J Associates International. It was at this time that they were among the first to use computer technology on a daily basis. Since then his network has grown to thousands of vetted agents, whom he can call for field assignments on as short as a few hours’ notice. Phil travels internationally across Europe, North America and Asia to network with his contacts in person. Mr. Johnson is the quintessential spymaster and English Gentleman, much like 007’s “M”.

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    A well deserved honour from a gentleman to a gentleman


    Greetings from “Down Under” (Australia).
    I cant recommend Phil highly enough. He recently assisted me with a matter in Sweden and his resources/contacts were exceptionally professional. Our client’s expectations were exceeded way beyond what he had hoped for.


    Congratulations! I feel like a proud Father..