Knockoff Report™ #577

hoverboardUS CBP Warns About Counterfeit Hoverboard Batteries

Counterfeit Merchandise Seized at South Bay Flea Market

China Anti-Counterfeiting Agents Make Many of the Fakes Themselves

Bank of China Appeals Heavy Fines, US Court Order to Disclose Counterfeiters’ Bank Records

More Than 500 Bottles of Counterfeit Wine Destroyed

Counterfeit Warning on ‘Pie Face’ Games Sold at B&M Stores

Police Seize $12 Million Worth of Counterfeit Luxury Goods Across Greater Toronto Area

Counterfeit Ovens Like ‘Grenades Waiting to Go Off’

Counterfeit Shampoo Case Reveals the Perils of Honesty in China’s Anti-Counterfeiting Industry

Cancer Link To Chemical In Fake Christmas Toys

Rise in Counterfeit Sales Linked to Online Shopping, Social Media

Over 4,000 Bottles of Counterfeit Vodka Seized in Co Louth

FBI Arrests Counterfeit Chip Traffickers

£1 Million of Counterfeit Tobacco, Cigarettes and Other Illegal Goods Seized in South Derbyshire

Man Admits He Smuggled $1.1 Million in Counterfeit Male Enhancement Drugs Like Viagra and Cialis from China

Headshop Owner Admits Selling Pipes With Counterfeit Team Logos

Police Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth £2M Including Fake Michael Kors Handbags, Trainers and Other Clothes in Pre-Christmas Crackdown

FDA Warns vs Counterfeit Products Flooding Western Visayas

Investigators Seize Nearly $63K in Alleged Counterfeit Goods From Clothing Store

More Than £500,000 of Counterfeit Goods Seized from Trocadero Tourist Shops

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  1. Damien Bizeau
    December 17, 2015 at 2:03 am #

    Thank you for this report! I always like hearing from you. Happy Holiday Season to you Rob.

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