Internet Kung Fu in Our Nation’s Capitol

June 21, 2011

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Online investigations has become the most needed and desired skill within all businesses.  In fact, Sun Tzu dedicates four complete chapters of his classic manual ‘The Art of War‘ to investigations.  The better your people are at gathering intelligence on threats, competitors, or even potential hires, the more more successful your company is and the more money it saves.  Dollars are saved not only by detecting and avoiding risk but also by handling the investigations in-house instead of farming the work out to a costly vendor.  There is no dispute that there is a large return on investment for training inside employees to be better investigators.  There is also no argument that most data in today’s world is online.

So how do you hone those skills?  There are plenty of classes for dummies and beginners, but very few are crafted to give you the ability to handle real-life cases right out-of-the-box.  Actually, there is only one.

Last year I launched a class that was created to teach others how to do my job.  It is called the IPCybercrime Boot Camp.  If you have not yet taken the course, I personally guarantee its value to you and your company.  If you have already taken the course, please tell your colleagues.  The next class is on Monday July 11th in Washington DC.  I encourage you click on this link and  sign up.