Internet Profiling: Why It’s Important

November 16, 2010

Who did it?  Private investigations is the world’s second oldest profession for a reason.  In order to determine a proper solution, one must know with whom they are dealing.  In all aspects of crime the ‘whack-a-mole’ term is often used in a negative fashion.  The reason is that, in this whimsical game, each problem is categorized with the last, thus dealt with in the same fashion as well.  Whacking moles is almost as popular at my native Jersey Shore as skeeball.  But in the legal and security professions this method should be used only sparingly.  Anonymous, therefore random, enforcement is not effective past the short term.  For example, the first ten moles may be completely separate from one another (like petty criminals) and the next ten could be working together.  If you know a good Internet Profiler, rely on them as your right hand to assist in your enforcement efforts.  If you think profiling is not in your budget, try doing the math on the whacking moles game, then measure it against how many individuals have been punished for their crimes.  Items confiscated can be re-ordered.  Domains and websites are as easy to reproduce as leaflets.  Seriously.  Determining who did it is step one.  Always.