New Test Purchase Service Highlights Demand for’s Expertise

February 3, 2009

During the present state of the economy, many businesses are taking measures to conduct business as usual but with a firmer grip on the “purse strings.” Therefore, many businesses are placing more emphasis on protecting their brands from the continuous assault against their profits by counterfeit and/or diverted goods in the marketplace. recognizes this need and has introduced a new addition to its catalog of reputable services.

The new “Test Purchase” service is available to give insight and direction early in an inquiry. An effective test purchase program allows companies to conduct market surveys, confirm that partners are abiding by their agreements, reward compliant resellers, follow up on consumer complaints, identify sources of goods that have been leaked, or determine whether a vendor is selling counterfeit goods. has superior experience operating test purchase programs from beginning to end. Completion of a Test Purchase may produce the need for further investigation, to which continues to make available their highly successful services of Investigative Buys and Buy Trace. A complete comparison of services can always be found by visiting