Sun, Fun and Counterfeits

October 17, 2008

Rob Holmes, CEO of, is scheduled as a panelist at the 2008 Annual Fall Conference in Santa Monica, CA. The conference is set for October 22-24, 2008. Mr. Holmes will brief IACC members during a workshop entitled, “The Investigative Game – Best Practices” on Thursday, October 23rd.  The prediction of sunny weather on the bluffs of Santa Monica, California, during October 22-24 may be somewhat premature, but fun is inevitable when Rob Holmes joins members of the IACC at the 2008 Annual Fall Conference. Mr. Holmes will be lending his expertise and drawing from his vast experience on investigations of counterfeits during two of the event’s workshops.

Chosen by the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition for his continued success in day-to-day investigations and protection of many leading brand owners, Rob Holmes will discuss various strategies and practices intellectual property owners can utilize to protect themselves against the continued rise of counterfeits. Mr. Holmes has streamlined the investigative process from prioritizing targets to gathering the evidence necessary to successfully halt even the most elusive counterfeiters.

On Wednesday, October 22nd, Mr. Holmes will be briefing IACC members on the latest advances in Internet IP enforcement strategies. “The Investigative Game – Best Practices,” will be held Thursday, October 23rd. Mr. Holmes will be attending this panel with other leading industry experts for a sixty-minute dialog followed by a Q&A session.