Knockoff Report™ #600

More Than 99% of Counterfeit iPhone Chargers Fail Basic Safety Tests

Can Consumers Be Scared Into Not Buying Counterfeit Goods?

Mobsters Ran a Fake U.S. Embassy in Ghana for 10 years, Flying the Flag and Issuing Visas

Amazon Is Being Sued for Selling Counterfeit Snuggies

Food Industry ‘$49bn Opportunity’ for Fraudsters

Facebook Live Targeted in Crackdown on Trading in Counterfeit Goods

8 Convicted In San Jose Court For Selling Counterfeit Energy Drinks

Toronto Police Seize $2.5 Million in Counterfeit Goods as Holiday Season Starts

NYPD Busts $8 Million Counterfeit Phone Scheme

Police Arrest Connecticut Man in Fake Concert Ticket Probe

barnyard-flea-marketAugusta Flea Market Vendors Shocked by $3 Million Counterfeit Bust

North Providence Man Charged with Selling Counterfeit Clothes

Utah Man Pleads Not Guilty to Using Powerful Opioid to Make Counterfeit Pain Pills

Counterfeit Designer Items Worth $1M Found in Crossville, Tennessee

Reports of Counterfeit Cosmetics Being Sold in Durham

Spanish Police Arrest 71 People, Seize Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Products Cost Malta €43 Million in Losses Every Year

Gardaí Seize Lots of Counterfeit Goods in Christmas Crackdown

More Than £1.5 Million of Counterfeit Goods Seized at East Midlands Airport

P4.5-M in Fake Cosmetics Seized in Quiapo, Malabon

Fake Items Worth More than Half a Million Pounds Seized at Stansted Airport

What You Should Know About Counterfeit Parts

Knockoff Report™ #599

susppect courterfeit watchesCounterfeiting Trade Settles Into a New York Standby: Self-Storage Units

How to Spot Counterfeit Goods This Holiday Shopping Season

Potentially Dangerous Counterfeit Toys Smuggled into United States

L’Oréal to Fight California Firm’s ‘Knockoff’ Lawsuit

The Pentagon Uses Plant DNA to Catch Counterfeit Parts

Amazon Is Turning Up The Heat On Counterfeit Products

5,000 Bags of Counterfeit Rice Seized by Singapore Customs

Police Warn of Potentially Fatal Counterfeit Pills in Circulation

1044731ounterfeit Alcohol Can Cause ‘Breathing Difficulties, Liver Damage and Blindness’, Revenue Warns

Long Islanders Charged with Selling Counterfeit Designer Goods, Police Say

NV Attorney General Warns of Counterfeit Retails Apps Ahead of Big Shopping Days

Fakin’ It?: What Are You Really Buying When You Opt for Bargain Goods?

Spotting Counterfeit Toys

New Hotline Launched to Help Tackle Sale of Counterfeit Tobacco and Alcohol in Halton

Lao National Busted with 1,500 Counterfeit Notes in Bangkok

Knockoff Report™ #598

knockoff-report-598-splenda-owner-sues-dunkin-donuts-over-knockoff-sweetenerSplenda Owner Sues Dunkin’ Donuts Over Knockoff Sweetener

Amazon Takes Counterfeit Sellers to Court for First Time

Don’t Copy Me, Bro: How Tech Innovators Can Knock Out Knockoffs

Smart Batteries Offer Charge Indicators and Counterfeit Protection

Steelers Fans Duped: Increase of Counterfeit Tickets Sold Against Cowboys

Counterfeit Products Hurt The Consumer And The Economy

Brothers Accused of Selling Counterfeit Denver Broncos Merchandise Get Probation

On Your Side: Beware of Counterfeit Items Showing up on Social Media

Don’t Get Faked Out With Counterfeit Cubs Collectibles, FBI Warns

Beware of Fake Apps Selling Counterfeit Items

Knockoff Report™ #598 - Battle of Bobbleheads! Companies Clash Over Competing Wobbling Figures of Hillary Clinton in Prison StripesBattle of Bobbleheads! Companies Clash Over Competing Wobbling Figures of Hillary Clinton in Prison Stripes

5 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Knockoff Makeup

Rare Look Inside FDLE Crime Lab Tracking Deadly, Counterfeit Pills

Groupon at Center of Fake Goods Scandal as Probe Reveals Sale of Dodgy Designer Gear

Counterfeit Goods Seized in Probe Into Secret Facebook Group

White Hall (Arkansas) Police Seized More Than 2,000 Counterfeit DVD’s, Arrest Two

Blair County (Pennsylvania) Business Has Counterfeit Items Seized, Claims Ignorance

DuPont Issues Warning About Counterfeit Resin in China

Peru Man Charged in Paris with Aggravated Trafficking, Furnishing Counterfeit Drugs

NBI Seizes P2.4M Worth of Counterfeit Socks

Murang’a (Kenya) Leaders Issue Stern Warning to Makers of Counterfeit Alcohol

Deadly Counterfeit Opioid Pills Fooling Experts, Killing Californians

Knockoff Report™ #597

Great White Shark JawsThe Government’s “Jaws” & the Threat to Intellectual Property & Trade Secrets

The Strange History of Italy’s Mob-Controlled Counterfeit Fashion

Hundreds of Counterfeit Branded Shopping Apps Hit the App Store Ahead of Holiday Season

Pirates Swamp Online Stores With Counterfeit Music CDs

Apple: Nearly 90% Of ‘Genuine’ iPhone Chargers On Amazon Are Counterfeit

Fendi Accuses AliExpress Sellers of Offering Counterfeit Products

No Budget, No Problems? Intellectual Property Challenges for Film Production Start-Ups

Major Appliance Makers Warn Against Counterfeit Refrigerator Water Filters

IP Protection in China Is Finally Changing. Or So It Seems

Kylie Jenner Warns Customers About Fake Kylie Cosmetics Ingredients

How Does the Apple Watch Compare to a $10 Knockoff?

Counterfeit Cigarettes Hit Detroit Streets

Advanced Tactical FighterChina’s Knockoff of the F-22 Raptor Gets Its Public Debut

Bay Area Woman Arrested for Allegedly Selling Counterfeit Cosmetics

Cranston Police Seize $1 Million Worth of Counterfeit Designer Goods

Police: $1M Worth of Counterfeit Goods Found at Rhode Island Yard Sale

Two Men Caught With Counterfeit World Series Tickets Face Felony Charges

Shipment of Counterfeit Lubricant Seized in Puerto Rico

Counterfeit Bust Nets Thousands of Fake Bags in 3 Boroughs

Counterfeit Manufacturers Caight at 2016 SEMA Show, US Marshals Serve Papers

Feds, NYPD Raid Warehouses in Counterfeit Goods Bust

Counterfeit Tickets Sold at Aggie Game has Police Looking for Suspects

APD Seizes $1.25 Million in Counterfeit Items During North Austin Raid

Coach Sues Houston Store Over Alleged Sale of Knockoffs

Columbus County Man Accused of Selling Counterfeit Goods

Two Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Gold Bars in Sussex Co.

Nearly £7m in Counterfeit Goods Including Cigarettes and Jewellery Seized in Just a Single Year

Knockoff Report™ #596: Diamonds, Sex Toys and Cartoons

Jewelry box with the bows on isolated white backgroundCostco Ordered to Pay $5.5M For Selling Counterfeit Tiffany Rings

500,000 Counterfeit Products Sold to eBay Consumers

How British Tourists Buying Counterfeit Handbags in Dubai are Funding Kim Jong-un’s Nuclear Missile program

Counterfeit e-Commerce: The Dark Side of WhatsApp

Are Counterfeit Sex Toys a Danger to Your Health?

What Does Fake Viagra Do To The Body?

Coach Abandons Tmall as Alibaba Continues Battling Counterfeit

New York Man Convicted in Counterfeit Gift Card Shopping Spree

Man Convicted of Selling Counterfeit Ugg, Adidas, Ralph Lauren and Nike Goods on Facebook

Two Alcorn County Men Charged With Selling Counterfeit Goods

counterfeit cat

‘Counterfeit Cat’ Show Goes Global on Disney Channel

Local Trader Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Goods Following Recent Investigation

3 Big Issues That China Faces in Counterfeiting Battle

We Asked an Expert How to Spot the Most Popular Counterfeit Items in the UK

Cubs, MLB Seek ex Parte Seizure of Counterfeit Merchandise Sold Outside Wrigley Field

Christie Orders Tight Control of Knockoff Prescription Drugs

Bottles Seized in Lar Corbett’s Pub Contained Counterfeit Vodka

Caught! Hong Kong Fair Exhibitor Arrested as She Sold Counterfeit Jewellery to Undercover Official

Champagne Bar Procesuted for Counterfeit Vodka

Salford Firm Fined £18k as 3,700 Unsafe Counterfeit Disney and Marvel Toys Seized

Mercedes-Benz Genuine Parts vs Counterfeit Parts

Knockoff Report™ #595: Pokemon Go, Pills and Paintings

Knockoff Report™ #595 - Pokemon Go Buddy System: How To NOT Waste Candy With Reminders, Counterfeit App WarningPokemon Go Buddy System: How To NOT Waste Candy With Reminders, Counterfeit App Warning

Alibaba Failing to Deliver in Fight Against Fakes, Say Brands

Counterfeit Painkillers Bought on Dark Web Contributing to Spike in Overdoses

Counterfeit Electronics Rule Would Let Contractors Recover Costs

Amazon To Charge Thousands To Prevent Counterfeit Sales

Thousands of Fake Ferragamo Shoes Seized at LA Ports

Alec Baldwin Sues Over Counterfeit Painting

With Football Season Underway, Beware of Counterfeit Tickets

Ray Kurzweil: Accelerating Tech Is Making Old Intellectual Property Laws Obsolete

knockoff-report-595-blac-chyna-tried-to-sell-some-knockoff-yeezys-on-her-instagramBlac Chyna Tried To Sell Some Knockoff Yeezy’s On Her Instagram

Owner of Online Colored Contact Lens Store Pleads Guilty To Importing & Selling Counterfeit Lenses

2 Arrested in Madera County for Selling Illegal Medicine, Counterfeit Clothing

P8 Million Worth of Counterfeit Valves Seized in Manila

Counterfeit Parts Of Aircraft And Defense Products Could Proliferate Through 3D Printing

Book Review: Are You Eating Counterfeit Food?

Fake Britain: Dangerous Counterfeit Xenon Bulbs are Being Sold Online

CBP Seizes 7,800 Pairs of Counterfeit Shoes from China

More than 1,300 Counterfeit Wallets, Bags Seized in Singapore

Counterfeit Lanterns and Toys Seized by Customs Ahead of Mid-Autumn Festival

DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY: Counterfeit products showing up online

Knockoff Report™ #594: Prince, Pokemon and Pakistan

Knockoff Report™ - Prince Might Have Been a Casualty of a Counterfeit Chinese Pill Problem Sweeping the NationPrince Might Have Been a Casualty of a Counterfeit Chinese Pill Problem Sweeping the Nation

Amazon, eBay and Alibaba Face Problem as Counterfeit Goods Reach $1.7 Trillion

Louboutin Handed Victory in Russian Counterfeit Cosmetics Case

Alexander Wang Wins $90 Million in Counterfeit Suit

DoD’s New Rule Helps Contractors from Buying Counterfeit Parts

Landlords to Counterfeit Traders Hit by e-Commerce IP Rules

Man and Woman Accused of Selling Counterfeit DVDs and CDs in Etowah County

CBP Officers Seize Counterfeit Goods at Rainer Rail Facility

Officials Think Counterfeit Master Key Could be Behind String of Mailbox Break-Ins

El Sobrante Woman Charged with Selling Counterfeit Designer Goods at San Francisco Store

Three Arrested in Hong Kong Customs Raid of Counterfeit Goods Operation in Mong Kok’s Ladies’ Market

Chinese Woman Held with Counterfeit Rum

Knockoff Report™ - Pokemon Go Knockoff Trying to Fill a Monstrous Void in ChinaPokemon Go Knockoff Trying to Fill a Monstrous Void in China

Philadelphia Man Pleads Guilty in Counterfeit Viagra and Cialis Case

Counterfeit Vodka Finding Leads to Suspended Sentence

Pakistan Minister Takes Potice of Counterfeit Liquor

The Cost of Counterfeit Goods Found in Nairobi Businessman’s Home Totals SH35M

Tata Motors Steps Up Its Fight Against Counterfeit Parts

Newcastle Authorities Bust Counterfeit Watch Dealer

BBB: Counterfeit Merchandise During the Rio Olympics

Shop Fined for Dangerous, Counterfeit Cigarettes

Manufacturers File Suit Against Importer Over Counterfeit Food Processors

Nigeria Warns of Counterfeit Quinine in Market

Counterfeit Alcohol Poses a Serious Threat to Consumers

Fighting Fakes: The Scary Truth About Counterfeiting in Manufacturing

Tanzania: Counterfeit Goods Worth 13.8 Million Impounded

Did Counterfeit Drugs Contribute to Prince’s Death?

Using Marketing Techniques to Catch Cyber Criminals

Cyber Criminals, more often than not, use tried and true online marketing techniques to reach their customers.

  • Using Marketing Techniques to Catch Cyber Criminals - IPCybercrimeDid you know that scammers create attractive websites just to add suckers to their mailing lists?
  • Have you thought of the fact that pirates use malicious software ware to make money off of viewers?
  • What about the fact that, no matter how Google enforces, black hat marketers will find their way around the rules?

These are the same techniques that legitimate marketers use to reach you.  Sometimes they sell you a pack of gum, sun tan lotion or the latest Hollywood blockbuster movie.  IPCybercrime’s investigators are experts in online marketing.  We have also been involved in some of the first and most important landmark cases involving the reverse engineering of the marketing techniques of cyber criminals.  Back before online marketing was a profession, IPCybercrime has been keeping tabs on the web development community and how they reach out to their customers, whether black hat white hat, or grey.  Many of those marketing techniques have evolved into what we now know as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Affiliate networks, Sleeper Sites, Ad networks, Javascript injections, hacking, iFrame Cloaking, Malware and other Shenanigans.

The first-ever case to use covert online marketing techniques to win a federal case was Chanel v. Krispin (SDFL 2008).  In this particular case, investigators at IPCybercrime logged and analyzed the source code of thousands of websites, while linking and grouping many offenders based on specific java script code inserted into subject websites.  As a result, more often than not, we have been able to footprint the entire operation and bring the case to a successful outcome.

How We Can Help You

I can bet you that a major part of your casework now is based on offenders selling something online that is infringing on your rights or client’s rights.  What IPCybercrime offers is a 20/20 view of the universe that encapsulates the online fraud world.  We know everyone has their favorite investigator for particular projects.  IPCybercrime does not want to interfere with that relationship.  In fact, we work with those teams on many of our case and already have a great one-two-punch style relationship. What we want is to be a part of the team that helps you and your other team members get from A to Z successfully.

Drop us a line.  You’ll be happy you did.  No hard sell.  No bullshit. Just answers.

Knockoff Report™ #593: Olympics, Weddings and the DOD

Knockoff Report™ #593 - Brazilian Police Battle Olympic Counterfeit GoodsBrazilian Police Battle Olympic Counterfeit Goods

Rio Olympics Selling Knockoff Versions Of Its Own Merchandise

4 Men Face Racketeering Charges for Selling Counterfeit Denver Broncos Merchandise

Police Look Into Safety of Knock-offs After Counterfeit Merchandise Bust

How Do Indie Designer Deal With Knockoffs?

U.S. Judge Dismisses Part of Alibaba Counterfeit Goods Lawsuit

How £200,000 of Denbighshire Counterfeit Goods Will Help Charity

Can Big Data Solve the Counterfeiting Problem?

Knockoff Report™ #593 - DOD Issues Final Rule to Avoid Counterfeit ElectronicsDOD Issues Final Rule to Avoid Counterfeit Electronics

Appeal Denied, Borgata Prevails in Counterfeit Chip Class Action Lawsuit

Why Brides Should Never Buy a Knockoff Wedding Dress

Derby Counterfeit Tobacco Conman Zhiling Huang Faces Jail Term

North Alabama Law Enforcement Warning Residents of Counterfeit Gold, Silver Being Sold

Dar al-Ifta al-Misriyyah Refutes ISIS Fatwa to Counterfeit Brands

Counterfeit Wines And Spirits Cost EU Businesses €1.3 Billion A Year

Rockland County Sheriff Announces County Wide Sweep for Counterfeit Merchandise

Knockoff Report™ #592: Rams, Shams and Amazon

Knockoff Report™ #592 - $250K Worth of Counterfeit Dodgers, Rams, Angels Jerseys Seized in El Monte$250K Worth of Counterfeit Dodgers, Rams, Angels Jerseys Seized in El Monte

Cartier Wins Court Case Against ISPs to Block Counterfeit Websites

Amazon’s Chinese counterfeit problem is getting worse

Inside Food Counterfeiting. The Virus that Unleashed an International Cyberwar

Alibaba Unveils New System For Combating Counterfeit Goods

Murfreesboro Man Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Percocet Pills

Jack Ma Pulls Anti-Counterfeiting Keynote Amid Backlash

Husband, Wife Arrested for Selling Counterfeit Merchandise at Richland County Store

ICE, Partners Seize $6.5 Million in Counterfeit Goods in Puerto Rico

Counterfeit Shampoo, Hair Care Equipment Seized by Customs (Malta)

Rising Counterfeit Spare Parts Take a Toll on Saudi Economy

Hoverboard Safety: How to Spot a Counterfeit

5NEWS Investigates: Counterfeit Cosmetics

ABC News: Counterfeit Goods Supporting Criminals

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