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Trigger-Happy Mailing Reveals Blogger’s True Clumsy Nature!

A steamed tail-on shrimp.

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Folks, I deeply apologize for the mass email that was sent today with gibberish in place of the normally tongue-in-cheek-yet-informative IP news and rhetoric to which you are accustomed.

I use a great service called MailChimp to automatically distribute my blog to y’all via email weekly.  I had paused the email, which usually sends on Tuesday at 11am EST, in order to fix some color in the template.  Little did I know that, when I caused the mail to resume, I had disconnected the RSS feed required to aggregate my blog’s content.  So MailChimp’s system filled in the blank email with their automatic sample data.

So I will reward you all for your patience with one of my favorite not-so-true stories:

I saw a sign above a restaurant that read ‘Shrimp!  All you can eat for a dollar!’.  I went in and sat down and the waiter brought a plate with one shrimp on it.  I said, “Waiter.  I thought it was all-you-can-eat for a dollar.”  He responded, “That is all you can eat for a dollar.”

Now, I’m going to finish my coffee.

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