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BOOK REVIEW: Black Market Billions

As I do the last few days of every April I was preparing for the International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition Spring Meeting.  Per my normal routine, I downloaded the agenda and devised a conference plan.  I noted that this year, unlike last, the conference had a host: Hitha Prabhakar, author of the new best seller Black Market Billions: How […]

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Five Easy Steps to Success in Online Brand Protection™

IPCybercrime released a white paper entitled Five Easy Steps to Success in Online Brand Protection ™ along with the below accompanying infographic. When our CEO Rob Holmes began outlining his upcoming book The Brand Protection Bible (due in 2013) he realized that everything a brand owner needs to know to get started with a successful […]

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Anatomy of an Idiot or: The Case of the Counterfeit Judge

As I regularly search for shows on my TiVo using keywords that relate to my interests and work, I ran across a rerun of ‘Swift Justice with Nancy Grace‘ that originally aired on 2/28/11 entitled “An online rip-off; pit bull puppies”.  This was caught in my filter because the word ‘knockoff’ was in the show’s […]

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It’s Time To Go Mainstream!

Folks.  I have great news for the anti-counterfeiting industry.  I have recently agreed to co-produce and host a series for a major television network about counterfeiting.  This show will be like nothing you have EVER seen before.  It will be the first of its kind, allowing the public to have access to the raids, brand […]

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Origin of word “Counterfeit”

The English word “counterfeit” shows up in the language around 1250-1300, the time of so-called Middle English.  The word then was “countrefeten.”  This word, in turn, came from Middle French, where the word was “contrefait” or “contrefaire,” which meant to imitate an original article in a drawing or painting.

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