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Knockoff Report™ #569: BABA, Bikes, Shoes and the Pope

Knockoff Report™ #569 BABA, Bikes, Shoes and the Pope - Alibaba Hears It From U.S. Clothing Group About Counterfeit Goods

Alibaba Hears It From U.S. Clothing Group About Counterfeit Goods

New York Gov. Cuomo Warns of Counterfeit Pope Francis Tickets

Bicycle Makers Struggle to Swat Down Counterfeits

China: At Least 20 Detained in Counterfeit Drug Crackdown

Tory Burch Just Got $41.2 Million Richer Following Counterfeit Case

China Has A Big Counterfeit Smartphone Problem

Woman, 42, Set Up Her Home as a Shop to Sell Counterfeit Gucci and Ralph Lauren Clothes, Knock-off Perfume and Illicit Tobacco Worth £3,000

Area Couple Indicted for Manufacturing Counterfeit Gift Cards & Identity Theft

Pub Owner Fined for Selling Counterfeit Vodka

Knockoff Report™ #569 BABA, Bikes, Shoes and the Pope - Counterfeit Watches Clocking up Sales OnlineCounterfeit Watches Clocking up Sales Online

Can You Spot the Difference in These 27 Chinese Knockoffs?

Savvy Shoppers Suspicious of a Good Deal

P-Mark Alleges Sale of Counterfeit Products Under Its Name

Large-Scale Online Pirates to Face up to 10 years’ Jail Under Ministers’ Proposals

Counterfeit Coin Detection: 1915-S Panama-Pacific Half Dollar

Counterfeit Medicine Endangering Somali Lives

Counterfeit Shoes Might be Distributed to the Poor

Chinese Knockoff Patriots Super Bowl XLIX Rings Sell For $36, Are Shady

Dermatologist Doctor Maria Gonzalez Crimewatch Counterfeit Skin Lightening and Pigmentation

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Knockoff Report™ #566: Basketball, Software and Concert T-Shirts

Knockoff Report™ #566 Basketball, Software and Concert T-Shirts

As Louis Vuitton Knows All Too Well, Counterfeiting Is A Costly Bargain

Investigators Seize $500K In Counterfeit Warriors Merchandise During NBA Playoffs

Malwarebytes to Turn Counterfeit License Keys Into Good Ones For Free

Lauderhill Officers Recognized for Work on Louis Vuitton Counterfeiting Cases (Eric Berger featured)

Hezbollah and the Traffic in Counterfeit Captagon

Eleven Defendants Charged in Nationwide Conspiracy to Manufacture and Distribute Counterfeit 5-Hour ENERGY Drink

DuPont Targets Counterfeit Apparel Makers

Gaston Man Sentenced in Counterfeit Erectile Dysfunction Medication Case

Here’s Where Your Counterfeit Goods Come From

Counterfeit NHL Merchandise Worth $180K Seized

Husband, Wife Accused of Selling Counterfeit Goods at Motorcycle Week

FDA’s Handling of Probe of Alleged Counterfeit Spinal Implants Angers Patients, Critics

Police Seize Duffel Bags with Marijuana, Counterfeit Concert T-Shirts at Airport

Chinese Actress Tiffany Tang Wears Counterfeit Elie Saab Dress on Red Carpet

Counterfeit LEGOs From China Seized

Counterfeit Vodka Found in Blackpool Off-Licence

Mansfield Man Charged with Selling Counterfeit Viagra, Cialis

China’s SAIC to Crackdown on Online Counterfeit Trading

Crackdown on Social Media Piracy

Counterfeit Memory Card Sellers Are Sometimes the Ones Getting Scammed

Counterfeit Beer Nabbed in Nairobi’s Drinking Dens

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Knockoff Report™ #565: The Dark Web, China & Other Places

Businessman standing beside collapsing barcode lines

Inside a Giant Dark-Web Scheme to Sell Counterfeit Coupons

Getting Counterfeit Products Off China Websites: It’s Possible

Apparel Group: Alibaba Not Doing Enough on Counterfeit Goods

Battling Knockoffs: A Primer on Spotting Fakes Online

How Alibaba, Etsy, eBay and Amazon Deal With Counterfeit Goods

16 Hilariously Awful Disney Knockoffs

Counterfeit Beauty Products Pose Health, Safety Risks: London Police

Judge Sentences Bassfield Man in Counterfeit Items Case

Chula Vista Man Who Admits to Selling Counterfeit Jerseys to be Sentenced

Merchants Peddling Knockoff Souvenirs Cash in on Ducks’ Stanley Cup Run

Counterfeit Goods: How to Tell the Real From the Rip-off

UD Research Studies Cultural Perceptions of Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized by Police in Sheffield

Counterfeit Italian Food Products Face Trade Group Scrutiny

Intellectual Property: How to Protect What You Create

‘Using Fake Make-up Glued My Eyes Together’

Fighting Against Counterfeit Product… Packaging?

Counterfeit Prescription Drug Ring in Baton Rouge Area Results in Multiple Arrests

Zimpex, Inc. Says They Didn’t Know They Were Selling Counterfeit Safety Garments

Counterfeit Auto Parts Seized at Port Everglades

Detroit Woman Receives Fine, Probation for Selling Counterfeit Airbags

Store Owners Plead Guilty to Selling Counterfeit Merchandise

Hanoi Police Seize Thousands of Luxury Knockoffs

Why You Need to Be Careful When You Buy Contact Lenses

Air Jordan Knockoffs: Hidden Camera Prank

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Knockoff Report™ #563: Salvatore Ferragamo, Fake Olive Oil and More

Salvatore Ferragamo in $7m Fight Against Fake Products - Knockoff Report™ #563 Salvatore Ferragamo, Fake Olive Oil and MoreSalvatore Ferragamo in $7m Fight Against Fake Products

Supply and Demand: A Simple Solution to Combat the Sale of Counterfeit Handbags

LOL, There’s A Knockoff Tim Hortons In South Korea Called “Tim House”

$430K in Counterfeit Perfume Seized at Northern NY Border

8 Busted in Counterfeit Pull Tab Operation

Counterfeit Windows? No Problem, Says Microsoft, We’ll Still Upgrade You to Windows 10!

Ten Arrested, Thousands of Counterfeit and Pirated Disks Seized in Movie and Music Investigation

Market Trader Fined for Selling Counterfeit Designer Baseball Caps and Smoking Equipment

Ghana, Major Transit Country for Counterfeit Electrical Goods

What's The Greatest Chinese Car Knockoff Ever - Knockoff Report™ #563 Salvatore Ferragamo, Fake Olive Oil and MoreWhat’s The Greatest Chinese Car Knockoff Ever?

Importer Busted For Selling Counterfeit French Red Wine

Swap Shop Owner Arrested For Selling Counterfeit Gold

Counterfeit iPhone Sting Busts Utah County Teen

Counterfeit Olive Oil Warning to Shoppers: Criminal Gangs Exploit Disastrous Italian Harvest

Man Accused of Having $1M in Counterfeit Purses at Davidson County Market

Indiana Police Seize 271 DVDs They Believe are Counterfeit From South Bend Stop N Go

Man Charged With Selling Fake Beats Headphones, Other Items Online

Houston Man Fined $2.6 Million for Selling Fake Purses

Joburg Cops Probe Counterfeit Gang

SEC Warns Fans About Counterfeit Tickets

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Knockoff Report™ #562

New Orleans Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing 90 Counterfeit Credit Cards - Knockoff Report #562New Orleans Man Pleads Guilty to Possessing 90 Counterfeit Credit Cards

See the Cheap Apple Watch Knockoffs on China’s Black Market

2 Miami Men Accused of Running Counterfeit Credit Card Operation in Beaverton

Eric Church Sues ‘Various John Does’ Over Counterfeit Merch

Tacheiykara Tinsley Charged With Selling Counterfeit DVDs Out of Her Car

New York City Men Plead Guilty to Possession of Counterfeit Credit Cards

Sullivan County Stings Net $80K in Counterfeit Goods

Jan-Dirk van der Burg Shoots Calvin Klein Knockoffs for New Book

Michigan Man Indicted for Selling Counterfeit OSU T-shirts

Alibaba Can’t Seem to Shake Its Counterfeit Products Problem

Lebanon Shuts Warehouse Counterfeiting Alcohol - Knockoff Report™ #562Lebanon Shuts Warehouse Counterfeiting Alcohol

Counterfeit Movies and Music Seized by Police at Border Market

Man Remanded For Counterfeiting Alomo Bitters

Couple Ordered to Pay Back More Than £28,686 After Selling Counterfeit Clothing on eBay

Counterfeit Sneakers are Now Manufactured So Well, Even Experts Can’t Tell the Difference

Philippines Once Again Excluded From USTR’s List of ‘Piracy Hot Spots’

Counterfeiting Costs the British Beauty Industry £201 Million a Year

Westfort Tavern Fire Caused by Counterfeit CSA Power Bar

Counterfeit Tobacco Crackdown Sees More Than 10,000 Goods Seized

Cutters Choice Illegal Tobacco Seller Guilty of Trading Counterfeit DVDs and Unlicensed Alcohol

China Residents Loot $630,000 Worth of Fake Goods

Makita Corporation Warns Of ‘Counterfeit Products’

Counterfeit Medicines

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Knockoff Report™ #560

Counterfeit Websites Removed by UK Police - Knockoff Report™ #560Chinese Counterfeit Caviar Among Tonnes of Fake Food and Drink Seized by Interpol

Counterfeit Websites Removed by UK Police

State Worker Charged With Selling Counterfeit Phone Cases

The Owner of a Leyton Based Company has Been Ordered to Pay £100k After Being Caught Selling Counterfeit Goods

Plant for Bottling Counterfeit Vodka Raided as Police Seized 2,500 Litres of Fake Wine and Spirits

Police Bust Italian Electronics Counterfeiting Ring

Four Arrested As Gauteng Police Seize Counterfeit Goods in Johannesburg


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Knockoff Report™ #559

Alibaba Dealings With Chinese Regulator Draw SEC Interest - Knockoff Report™ #559Alibaba Dealings With Chinese Regulator Draw SEC Interest

Dallas Police Task Force Comes Knocking for Purveyors of Knockoffs

Turkey Ranks Behind China in Production of Counterfeit Goods

Counterfeit Engines Seized in Cebu

Millions in Counterfeit Super Bowl Goods Seized in ‘Operation Super Fake’ at Local Facility

Man Pleads Guilty to Producing Counterfeit Military ID Cards

Amazon Accidentally Ships Counterfeit AMD APUs

International Report – Customs Recordal Now Available in Canada to Combat Counterfeit Goods

4 Cell Phone Stores Raided for Selling Counterfeit Merchandise

B.C. First Nation Takes on Ralph Lauren Over Knockoff Sweaters

Police: Duo Sold Counterfeit Luke Bryan Tickets

Tredegar Man Who Sold Counterfeit iPhone Earphones Jailed for 16 Weeks and Fined £27k - Knockoff Report™ #559Tredegar Man Who Sold Counterfeit iPhone Earphones Jailed for 16 Weeks and Fined £27k

Fake Perfume Factory Shut

Police in Vietnam Seize Counterfeit Cosmetics Heading to China

Attempt to Smuggle Counterfeit Cigarettes Worth RM7.7m Stubbed Out

EUBAM Helps Ukrainian Customs Seize Counterfeit Goods

Organised Crime ‘Deeply Involved in Counterfeit Trade’

1,900 Counterfeit Cigarettes Seized in Wisbech Raid

Bill Would Make Counterfeit Airbags Illegal

Bed Bath & Beyond Sued Over Alleged Longchamp Knockoffs

Counterfeit Branded Bags Worth RM50,000 Seized in Penang

Man Arrested for Counterfeit Viagra

Counterfeit Items Seized from Two Rockingham County Convenience Stores

Feds Fight the Booming Business of Counterfeit Sports Goods

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Knockoff Report™ #558

‘Broad City’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap “Knockoffs” - Knockoff Report™ #558Broad City’ Season 2 Episode 4 Recap: “Knockoffs”

How China’s Alibaba Helps Counterfeit Goods Reach US Pirates, Amazon

How Does Alibaba Counter Fakes? Let It Count the Ways

JD.com Pushes Authenticity Angle With French Mall Launch

Feds Seize $19.5 Million in Counterfeit Items Ahead of Super Bowl

The Fight Against Counterfeit Products in Canada Just Got Easier

Pennsylvania Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Cellphone Cases in Maine

Dreamy Fashion Shoot Makes Knockoff Designer Handbags Look Good

Inside the East London Counterfeit T-Shirt Factory Churning out Fake Merchandise Including Nirvana, Superman and Motorhead Tops

Ocmulgee Drug Task Force Counterfeit Raid Nets Two Milledgeville Store Owners

12,900 Counterfeit Mobile Phones and Accessories Seized from Little India Shops - Knockoff Report™ #55812,900 Counterfeit Mobile Phones and Accessories Seized from Little India Shops

GPD: Man Busted with $10K-Worth of Knock-Off Purses and More

Mahindra Raids Makers Of Counterfeit Auto Parts

Strange Brews Podcast: The Case of the Counterfeit Beer

Canada Goose Knockoffs Worry Winter-Coat Competitor

Siblings Sentenced to Home Detention for Trafficking Counterfeit Clothing

$19.5 Million Worth of Fake NFL Goods Was Seized in One of the Largest Sports-Related Counterfeit Operations

Phuket Police Seize Counterfeit Goods Worth B3 Million

Counterfeit Xiaomi Power Bank Being Sold on Snapdeal

Multi-millionaire Businessman Arrested After Series of Police Raids

Silk Road Suspect Used Multiple Aliases

Saanich Police Seize Phoney Phones Pitched on Internet Site

LEGO Minecraft KnockOff Minifigures (Bootleg)

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Knockoff Report™ #557

Fake ‘Apple Watch Prototype’ Sells For Hundreds on eBay - Knockoff Report™ #557Fake ‘Apple Watch Prototype’ Sells For Hundreds on eBay

Phoenix Police Brace for More Counterfeit NFL Goods

Counterfeit Cialis Found Entering U.S. by Mail: FDA

Man Accused of Trying to Sell More Than $46,000 Worth of Counterfeit Items

Over Half the Brand Name Items Sold on China’s Version of Ebay Are Counterfeit, Study Says

Counterfeit Seahawks Jerseys Seized From Washington Man in Arizona

Police in China Nab Five for Counterfeit Train Tickets

Fake Condoms, Viagra, Seized and Online Network Shut Down

Man Obsessed with eBay Jailed for Selling Counterfeit DVDs and Money Laundering £500k

Warning to Parents Using Counterfeit Chargers After Toy Car Bursts Into FlamesWarning to Parents Using Counterfeit Chargers After Toy Car Bursts Into Flames - Knockoff Report™ #557

Two Arraigned for Selling Counterfeit Electronics, Including Phony iPhones and iPads

Pair Jailed After Online Fake Goods Scam

Gang Traded in Counterfeit Goods ‘on Industrial Scale’ on Facebay by Sheerness Couple Darren Hilton and Sharon Marlow

Estee Lauder Wins $1.8M in Counterfeit MAC Cosmetics Suit

Shopkeeper Sentenced After Sniffer Dogs Find 800 Counterfeit Golden Virginia, Drum and Mayfair Tobacco and Cigarette Packs

Counterfeit MAC Makeup Could be Toxic

Second Turkish Man Sentenced for Smuggling Counterfeit Cancer Drugs

Haul of Counterfeit Nike Trainers Worth £250,000 Seized at Harwich International Port

Anti-Counterfeiting Alliance Formed in Beijing

Men Charged with Welling Counterfeit Patriots Tickets

$1M in Fake Serchandise Seized in Lead-up to Super Bowl

How to Avoid Counterfeit Printer Supplies

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Knockoff Report™ #552

Counterfeit Chinese Tires May Be Selling Under US Brand Names - Knockoff Report™ #552Counterfeit Chinese Tires May Be Selling Under US Brand Names

3 Steps for Excluding Counterfeit Goods and Protecting Your Brand

China Opens Intellectual Property Courts to Improve Image

The Counterfeiting Conundrum: How Technology Will Slam the Scam

Windows Update Breaking Counterfeit Computer Chips That Users Don’t Even Know They Own

Veterans Affairs Keeps Buying Bogus And Counterfeit Medical Equipment

English Court Requires ISPs To Block Websites Selling Counterfeit Goods

UA Warns Crimson Tide Football Fans of Counterfeit Tickets

Medical Firm Profited on Pain with Knockoff Spine Surgery Hardware

Don’t Get in the Christmas Spirit with Counterfeit Booze

Feds Make $2M Counterfeit Hermès Birkin Handbag Bust at Savannah Port

Houston Flea Market Raided Over Counterfeit Goods

Authorities Warn About Counterfeit Goods as Holiday Shopping Starts

Counterfeit Memorabilia Lawsuit Against Eli Manning, Giants Can Move Forward, Judge Rules

Oxford Police Warn Ole Miss Fans to Watch Out For Counterfeit Football Tickets

Counterfeit Viagra Conman Seth Pennington Pleads Guilty to £11m Fraud

Inspectors Seize Hundreds of Counterfeit Smartphones

1.2 Million Counterfeit Goods Seized in EU-led Operation

Apple Removes Counterfeit App From iTunes


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