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Sh*t Excel Users Say

Case NinjaWe recently launched a case management application called Case Ninja which is a commercial version of the data management system we have been using in-house at IPCybercrime since 2004.  With it, we have tracked our tens of thousands of Intellectual Property cases without the loss of one record or report.  The cutting-edge technology used to write the Case Ninja  application is called TrackVia.  Below is a video that anyone who uses Excel to manage their cases can relate.  If you are still using spreadsheets to manage your cases, you need to call us at (972) 422-2100 for a free Case Ninja trial.


Hunt People Online – Los Angeles and Toronto Classes Coming This Month!

My IPCybercrime Boot Camp has been well-received all over North America and in Europe.  Whether you are an investigator by trade, a paralegal, a lawyer or a small business person you will benefit greatly from taking this all-day course.

My class is the only class of its kind.  Instead of teaching the traditional parlor tricks we focus on my proprietary techniques and philosophy that are universal in all aspects of investigation.  The Internet has been my territory for almost two decades and I can teach you to navigate it better than ever before!

Seating is limited and time is running out.  So register now for Los Angeles on 11/14 or Toronto on 11/29.  CLICK HERE NOW!

Tenth Anniversary of the Jackpot

Ten years ago on this date you may have seen a goofball driving down Washington Boulevard in Culver City blasting the Tom Petty song ‘Free Falling’ while joyfully singing out the car window as if he were Tom Cruise in ‘Jerry Maguire‘.  That was me.  The reason for this occasion was that, just like the title character of […]

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Free Boot Camp Webinar, Introduces New Case Management App!

One of the things I teach in my investigation classes is the importance of being able to manage the data you acquire throughout many investigations.  Unfortunately, there is nothing suitable on the market to help you do so — until now.  I have been working closely with a company called TrackVia to make my in-house […]

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Authors and Social Media

Christopher Buecheler is the author of the recent book release ‘The Blood That Bonds‘ which already has 100,000 downloads on the Kindle.  Christopher used Social Media to familiarize potential fans with his content before its release and even involved them in his editing process.  Come see how his experience could affect you and how you […]

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