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Knockoff Report™ #501

Louvre Hit by Chinese Counterfeit Ticket Scam - Knockoff Report™ #501Louvre Hit by Chinese Counterfeit Ticket Scam

Google Outlines Anti-Piracy Tactics in Comprehensive Report

Fashion Designers Rely on Patents to Deter Knock-offs

Agents Say Counterfeit Goods Hurting Alabama’s Economy

Fresno Man Sentenced for Selling Counterfeit Video and Audio DVDs

14,855 Counterfeit Products Seized in Abu Dhabi

Counterfeit U.S. Open Tickets Sold To Glenview Resident

Counterfeit Clothing Sales Land Las Vegas Man in Jail

Police: Counterfeit Items Sold at Brookville Flea Market

Drake Sued For Knockoff Owl Chains


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Knockoff Report™ #498

Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile - Knockoff Report™ #498Investigation Into Knockoff NFL Jerseys Leads To Discovery Of Weapons Stockpile

Customs Cracks Down on Counterfeit Cialis, Viagra

Counterfeit Bags are Big Business for Dubai Traders

Greyhound Says up to 10% of Bin Tags Counterfeit

How the Anti-Piracy Lobby is Like the Syrian Electronic Army

Police Seize Over $89,000 in Counterfeit Apple Products at Maryland Mall

Massive Chinese Counterfeit Wine Ring Busted with 7,000 Fake Cases

Counterfeit Tickets for Gamecock Football on the Rise

Warning Over Counterfeit Ireland Picnic Tickets

Counterfeit Fragrances Showed up at Ohio State Fair

Police, Pirates Warn of Counterfeit Tickets as Team Looks Toward Playoffs

Police: Fake Apple products sold at Arundel Mills

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Knockoff Report™ #497

Kevin Spacey’s Anti-Piracy Business Model Give the Audience Control - Knockoff Report™ #497Kevin Spacey’s Anti-Piracy Business Model: Give the Audience Control

The Risks of Using Counterfeit Software in Your Business

Trafficking in Knockoff Nikes Sends Chinese Immigrant Couple to Prison

Michigan State’s A-CAPPP Expands Industry Advisory Board

Counterfeiting, Nigeria foam industry’s major challenge- Vitafoam

NC Alcohol Law Enforcement Counterfeit Sting Lands Four Arrests

Man Caught With Hundreds of Counterfeit Designer Goods Pleads Guilty in Youngstown

Seattle-area Man Admits to Illegally Importing and Selling Counterfeit Luxury Car Accessories

3 Arrested After Counterfeit Goods Found at Phoenix Home

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Knockoff Report™ #492

Knockoff Report™ #492Owners of Movie Rights Have No Luck With New Russian Anti-Piracy Law

China’s First Intellectual Property Service Alliance Established in Zhongguancun

Curious Case of the Counterfeit Cream Cakes

Counterfeiters Better at Faking Goods

Gang Turns Ordinary Cars into Knockoff Ferraris

Kenya: We Can’t Do Much Until Fakes Reported – Agency

Buying Counterfeit Goods in New York City May Lead to Fine or Jail Time

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Knockoff Report™ #491

Hezbollah Maintains Complex Network of Front Companies Trading in Counterfeit Medicine - Knockoff Report™ #491Hezbollah Maintains Complex Network of Front Companies Trading in Counterfeit Medicine

U.S., China Team Up to Seize Counterfeit Goods in Joint Operation

New Anti-Piracy Law Allows Russian Rights Owners to Tackle illegal Internet Download Sites

Counterfeit Goods Seized From Off-Licences

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Mark on Air Purifier

UL Warns of Counterfeit UL Marks on Fire Hose Nozzle and Valve

Woman Caught Selling Counterfeit Auto Insurance Cards

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Knockoff Report™ #487

Interpol Says Global Counterfeiting Sweep Nets Fake Goods Worth Almost $133 Million - Knockoff Report™ #487Interpol Says Global Counterfeiting Sweep Nets Fake Goods Worth Almost $133 Million

Knockoff iPhone Charger May Have Killed Chinese Woman

Connecticut Governor Signs Counterfeit Airbag Bill

Chickasaw County Couple Enters Guilty Pleas in Major Counterfeiting Scheme

Feds: Counterfeit Submarine Parts Shipped to Groton Base

Two Bronx Men Charged in Counterfeit Ticket Sales in Paramus

Sands Point Art Dealer Accused of Selling Counterfeit Paintings

Guildmaster Pleads Guilty in Counterfeit UL Sticker Case, Receives Probation

Turkish Counterfeit Goods Crackdown Leads to Protest

Microsoft Continues to Support Jordan’s Anti-Piracy Campaign

The 15 Worst Movie Knock-Offs Ever Made


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Knockoff Report™ #484

Counterfeit Jay-Z App Pushes Malware That Calls Out NSA Spying Scandal On Independence Day - Knockoff Report™ #484Counterfeit Jay-Z App Pushes Malware That Calls Out NSA Spying Scandal On Independence Day

Woonsocket Police Arrest Man For Possessing Counterfeit Crack

Over 57 Tons Of Expired, Counterfeit Goods Destroyed (Yemen)

Police Arrest Doctor for Selling Counterfeit Medicine (Amman)

Counterfeit Car Airbags Shipped To Midstate (TN)

National Fraud Investigation Unit to Launch Soon (UK)

Company Promotes Knock-off With Cheap iPhone Pictures and Rumors

Schaeffler Destroys 26 Tonnes of Counterfeit Rolling Bearings (Germany)

Reasons for Counterfeit Mobile Phones Outlined (Tanzania)

Bag Us if You Can – Knockoff Sellers Find New Ways to Duck Cops (NY)

Customs Seizes N140m Contraband, Hands over N6.2m fake products to NAFDAC

Croton Police: Mischief at Middle School; DVD Bootlegger Bust

Fake Goods Worth £1m Seized at Alloa House

Team Awarded for Confiscating Counterfeit Olympic Merchandise (UK)

DSI Confiscated More Than 6M Bt Worth of Counterfeit Products (Thailand)

Illegal Cigarettes Seized in Stoke-on-Trent Raids

Nine Nabbed for Sale and Distribution of Counterfeit Products (Singapore)

Masterpiece Transformers Sideswipe Knockoff Now In Production – Beware!

Azerbaijan Steps Up Combat Against Counterfeit Goods

Rwanda’s Approach Proves Perfect Antidote to Counterfeit Drugs

Intellectual Property Court Opens in Moscow

New Internet Anti-Piracy Law Goes Live in Norway

Community Service for Counterfeit Trader in Bovingdon Market (UK)

Counterfeit Electronics Symposium Added to SMTA International

How to Find Those Hidden Yard Sale Treasures and Avoid the Knockoffs

Feds: Selling Knockoff Bags Could Land You in Jail

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IPCybercrime CEO Rob Holmes to Speak at International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition

PHOTO Prince William and Kate Middleton's wedding invitations

robiprsummitThe International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition’s spring meeting is in Dallas, Texas this year. That means New York lawyers will be kicking back and eating barbecue for a few days. As part of the program, they tapped IPCybercrime’s CEO Rob Holmes to speak on his expertise where trademarks and the Internet collide.

To kick off the conference, on May 1st, Holmes will present one of his most popular talks “The Virtual Crime Scene: Website Analysis”. In this presentation, Rob will explain his procedure when a client first sends over a new case. He will detail: What to record as the “first responder”, how to grab data along the way, and how collecting small pieces of data case help save your case. Since all of his cases begin online, this is the keystone of his business. Listen as Rob gives you a glimpse of his day-to-day case intake for Internet counterfeiting cases.

On the closing day, Friday May 3rd, Rob will join a panel of experts for a presentation entitled “Social Media and New Technology”. Technology is advancing at a feverish rate. The next generation of counterfeiters will have grown up using
social media in their everyday lives prior to even commencing their illegal enterprise. In order to stay ahead of
the curve, you need to embrace this fast-paced environment before it’s too late. This discussion will explore the newest trends in counterfeiting and social media and provide an outlook into the future of technology to help
you ‘meet & greet’ the ever-changing challenge ahead. The moderator will be David Lipkus of Kestenberg, Siegal, Lipkus LLP and they will be joined by David Benjamin, Senior Vice President, Anti-Piracy, Universal Music.

If you plan on attend this conference, come and check it out.  Rob’s talks are always fun and educational.

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Knockoff Report Monday

Apple Retail Store Layout Granted Trademark Registration

Apple Retail Store Layout Granted Trademark Registration

If What You Are Buying Is Counterfeit, It Isn’t a Good Deal

RIAA Claims Google’s Anti-Piracy Downranking Doesn’t Work

UKHO Warns Against Counterfeit Nautical Charts

Crackdown on Cigarette Smuggling, Counterfeit Cigarettes Advanced by Senate Panel

‘Operation Red Zone’ Nabs $17.3 Million in Fake NFL Merchandise

Warning over Counterfeit Tools Being Sold Across Lancashire

Consumer Warning: Counterfeit Hair Products

Mixed Results as Dubai Clamps Down on Counterfeit Goods

Knock-off “Samsung Galaxy Note 3″ on Sale in China

New Anti-Piracy System Will Hit U.S. Internet Users Next Week

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Knockoff Report – Thursday

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 box art

Image via Wikipedia

North Korea Blows up US Cities, Only to Get in Trouble With Activision

Colossal £10million Counterfeit Goods Gang Broken up by Manchester Police

Swedish Court Rules for Criminal Conviction in SKF Counterfeit Court Case

Japanese Government Plants Anti-Piracy Warnings Inside Fake Downloads

Jail for Man Who Sold Counterfeit Vintage Films

Honeywell, Local Authorities Take Action Against Counterfeit Refrigerants in Middle East

Hilarious African Knockoff Video Games


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