All Googled Out

Do you think Google is going to take over the world? Are you ready to sign your life over to Android?  Are you convinced Facebook is on a downward spiral thanks to Google Plus?  Rob, Justin and Sam tackle these questions in Episode #34  as well as other interesting topics including: Justin’s stalker on the… Read More All Googled Out

The Online Guys + Justin Brackett = One Crazy Show!

This week we have the privilege of having one of North Carolina’s “Twitter Elite”  Justin Brackett co-host The Online Guys podcast with Rob and Samantha.  Justin takes names when it comes to emerging media.   On the show we discuss Rob’s counterfeit raids in Michigan, Justin’s countless projects and Samantha’s serial killer ways.   Yes, really. And a big thank… Read More The Online Guys + Justin Brackett = One Crazy Show!