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Holmes Presenting at 27th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference in DC

American Bar AssociationIPCybercrime’s founder Rob Holmes was invited by the American Bar Association to speak at their 27th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference in Washington DC on Thursday March 29th on a panel entitled “Licensing, Control and Monitoring of Trademark Use on Social Media Websites”.

  • What effects do trademarks and social media have on each other? What are some of the efforts taken by in-house counsel to protect and enforce their intellectual property rights when they, their domestic and foreign licensees, and distributors, or others elect to market their brands via social media websites? The decision to host user-generated interactive content on one’s own site versus a well-established third-party social media site will be addressed, as will quality control provisions in domestic and cross-border licensing agreements and their relationship to trademark usage guidelines, social media policies and best practices.

Rob Holmes SpeakingIn Rob Holmes’ segment he will be laying the foundation of how trademarks and social media affect e-commerce on a daily basis.  From Facebook and Twitter to eBay and Craigslist, Social Media and e-commerce are blending together in this connected society.  This presentation combines Rob’s professional and personal passions: Intellectual Property protection and Social Media.  He will be joined by a panel of distinguished experts including Matthew Asbell (Ladas & Parry LLP), Robert Doerfler (SVP Worldwide), Fawn Horvath (Macy’s Inc.) and Kelly Slavitt (Reckitt Benckiser).

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Eco Friendly Investigations

Eco Friendly LLC is committed to improving the environment by acting responsibly in our every-day business practices and conducting eco friendly investigations.  We were among the first in the investigations industry to place this as a priority.  We saw this as a way to not only cut waste, but also a way to innovate and become more efficient in delivering results.

Since 2001, we have been printing our reports to Portable Document Format (.pdf) and delivering them via email.  All of our invoicing is done electronically using the cloud based QuickBooks Online.

Our headquarters reside in the Energy Star-compliant Bank of America Tower Plano which is managed by Parmenter Realty Partners, a leader in sustainable building management.

Our secure servers are powered by cloud-based technologies hosted by TrackViaBox.Net, and Google Docs.

Our preferred field vehicle is the Toyota Prius. The EPA and California Air Resources Board (CARB) rate the Prius as among the cleanest vehicles sold in the United States based on smog forming and toxic emissions.

Our goal is to completely become a paperless office by 2012.


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What is a LitPak® Website Analysis Report?

A LitPak® is a website analysis report featuring written information and backup documentation relating to findings in connection with private investigative services.  In the early 2000’s we realized how much documentation we had been compiling for our clients in our numerous Internet cases.  We compiled the data using Portable Document Format (PDF) technology and presented a one=page report with the backup documents assembled it into one convenient electronic file.  The term LitPak® was borne of the massive need for the invention of a “litigation packet” to make our clients’ lives easier.  Beginning this practice in 2001, we believe we were one of the first investigative firms providing our reports electronically as our primary format.  This would not only count us among the most innovative investigative agencies, but environmentally conscious as well.

Our world-famous LitPak® has been key to many major landmark court cases including:

Chanel, Inc. et al v. Dror Krispin

Louis Vuitton Malletier, S.A. v. Akanoc Solutions, Inc. et al

Chloe, S.A.S v. Tradekey, LLC et al

In fact, the least expensive LitPak® is our First Responder WebSite Analysis™ which is priced at only $50 and includes a Raw Ping™ of the subject’s IP address, subpoena information for the subject’s current Internet Service Provider, and other ‘found data’ (screenshots included) which will be imperative to begin any Internet case.  See sample below.



LitPak® is a trademark of LLC


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The Online Buys Are Back in Town!

A New Year is upon us and that means we here at IPCybercrime are working hard to bring you what you need to get the year going on the right foot.  In 2012 we have decided to bring back our most popular product, online buys and trace investigations.  We were the first to bring you the Proxy Buy™ in the 1990s.  We revolutionized the Proxy Buy™ system in the 2000s.  Now we’re going to rock the Proxy Buy™ even more for you.  Each Proxy Buy™ comes complete with our unique trademarked LitPak® which has been tested 100% effective in hundreds of court cases.  What is a LitPak® you say?  It is all of the documentation and analysis you will need to present your Proxy Buy™ in court, delivered digitally straight to your inbox in full-color portable document format (PDF).

Whether the evidence you want to acquire is on a stand-alone site, an auction site, a classified ad or a B2B.  We can get the job done the way it should be done.  We set the standard and remain #1.

Nobody does it like us.  If you need evidence acquired properly online, we are the smart choice.

If you order our Buy/Trace™, we will identify the seller and provide a detailed profile for you after the buy is made.

*Buy money and shipping costs will be billed separately after the evidence is shipped to your office.

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Five Easy Steps to Success in Online Brand Protection™

IPCybercrime released a white paper entitled Five Easy Steps to Success in Online Brand Protection ™ along with the below accompanying infographic. When our CEO Rob Holmes began outlining his upcoming book The Brand Protection Bible (due in 2013) he realized that everything a brand owner needs to know to get started with a successful online program could be summed up in five words, with brief instructions, that fit into one simple page.  This is to be the definitive approach to protecting any brand online.

Click here to download the free whitepaper

This was created as a free reference for Brand Protection professionals.  If you find any of this information helpful, please share the link, download the white paper and the infographic, use them, and circulate freely to anyone you think might find it useful.  We encourage you to post this to your Intellectual Property website or blog and include it in your association newsletter. If you need a different size for your website, blog, or newsletter, need an accompanying article or interview, have different printing requirements, or have any other requests regarding this piece, send an email to

Five Easy Steps to Success in Online Brand Protection™
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Dexter and the Detective

In the popular television shows Dexter, CSI and Quincy, the title characters  examine specific items or scenes and issue reports on their lab analysis.  The detective unit then introduces the findings to the formal investigation process.  Although, in these fictional television shows, the forensic examiners are featured throughout an entire investigation, this is not the case in real life.  By the time the detective has come to his conclusions, the forensic examiner has moved on to dozens of cases just like it.

Now that the computer forensics field has become a fast-growing one, the line has blurred between detectives and forensic examiners.  Some of the recent laws requiring these examiners to obtain state-issued private investigator licenses began with geek squad types helping wives spy on their cheating husbands’ computers.  Thanks Dexter.  I got this.

What makes anyone good is that they are passionate and highly qualified at one thing.  A racecar driver is no mechanic, Samuel Colt was no Wyatt Earp and vice versa.  Forensic examiners are good at examining blood spatter, ballistics, computers, or something else.  Detectives are good at determining whodunit, often using those reports.  A good detective in the online space spends most of her/his personal and professional time socializing online.  In other words, take the time to be a person in that space.

I consider myself one of the best at investigating Intellectual Property issues online.  I am successful because I have a passion that is unbound and experience that derives from that passion.  Nobody expects you to be good at everything.  Have the courage to be pigeonholed.

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Sh*t Excel Users Say

Case NinjaWe recently launched a case management application called Case Ninja which is a commercial version of the data management system we have been using in-house at IPCybercrime since 2004.  With it, we have tracked our tens of thousands of Intellectual Property cases without the loss of one record or report.  The cutting-edge technology used to write the Case Ninja  application is called TrackVia.  Below is a video that anyone who uses Excel to manage their cases can relate.  If you are still using spreadsheets to manage your cases, you need to call us at (972) 422-2100 for a free Case Ninja trial.


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